Microsoft Teams: Blur my background! (Please…)

Have you been on a conference call where everyone turns on their video, except for you? If you're like me, I don't like to turn mine on because of the messy house, or just ugly office behind me. Well - Microsoft Teams has you covered. You can now blur your background when in a conference in Microsoft Teams! You can now use video, and not  worry about what's behind you. Watch the below 90 second video to learn more!

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  1. WillVelez2 says:

    Dear Matt,

    When will that feature be GA? We´re avid Microsoft Teams O365 users and can´t find the setting…

    Kind regards,

  2. Hey Matt,
    Similar question to Will’s about the GA timescales. I’ve just updated my Microsoft Teams client and tested this and the blur background command isn’t shown on the ellipse option as I guess it’s not rolled out the UK yet ?

  3. Mike Crowley says:

    Matt, this is great, but the main reason I’m not adding my video is because I’m still in my pajamas. Can we get a blur pajamas button? or better yet, superimpose a nicely pressed shirt?

  4. Any chance we can make this a universal settings vs. per scheduled call?

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