Microsoft Teams: Sorry, I was talking on mute.

Have you been in a virtual meeting and you started talking, but wondered why no one was answering you, and the call kept going with you unacknowledged? Well, I feel your pain, it happens to me all the time too. It's called talking on mute, where the microphone is muted yet I did not realize it was muted, and I started talking only to hear nothing in return from my intended audience.

Today, I was on a call (in Microsoft Teams) where this happened – but something magical occurred when I was talking on mute. Microsoft Teams notified me automatically to let me know I was talking on mute! For someone who has "talkingonmute-itis", this notification is magical and exciting!

Essentially it works pretty much as described. If your microphone is on mute and you start talking, a message will appear in the meeting window: "Your microphone is muted". Here's what that looks like:

Game changing, enjoy!


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  1. George Haney says:

    SWEEEEEEEET!!! I so wish I invented that.. or at least patented it – as SO MANY TIMES this happens

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