Send encrypted emails to anyone using Office 365!

Have you ever needed to send an email to someone, but didn’t want them to forward the email nor copy sensitive text out of the attachment or email? You probably only want the intended recipient to view the email, and not accessible to anyone else. In other words, you probably want that email to be…


Who owns what? The shared responsibility model of cloud and compliance (HIPAA, GDPR, NIST,ISO)

Do you need to meet an industry regulation? Curious what responsibilities Microsoft has as your cloud service provider and what responsibilities you have as a customer when it comes to using Office 365, Azure or Dynamics in compliance with your industry regulation? You may want to look into Microsoft Compliance Manager as a key tool…


Preventing a data breach, avoiding the news, and keeping your job

With my dog on one side, my green tea on the end table and my tablet in hand, I sift through my Bing news feed on keywords “Cyber Security” as I do every Sunday morning. I come across a few articles that talk about how a company has been breached and tons of intellectual property…


Microsoft Teams: Protecting against advanced threats

How well do you trust your employees? What about your vendors? I’m constantly coming across organizations that are storing intellectual property and other sensitive data in Microsoft Teams, so they can collaborate with that data in a centralized manner. I’m also learning that most of those organizations are enabling guest access, and allowing outside vendors…


Video: Do you know the Microsoft Security Story?

Do you know the Microsoft security story? Watch the video below as I present how Microsoft can help protect your ever expanding digital estate through cyber security for your digital transformation. In the video I discuss the following topics (click to learn more): Intelligent Security Graph Data Center Security Cyber Defense Operations Center Digital Crimes…


MFA: Don’t worry, your phone number won’t be published!

What happens if your identity is stolen and an attacker uses those credentials (username/password), to login to your business application or email? What if you are a domain administrator in Active Directory or a Global Administrator in Office 365? They have keys to the kingdom, access to sensitive intellectual property, and can do some real…


Azure Active Directory Resources

One of the new trends in modern IT is consolidating your footprint of on-premises services you provide to the organization. For many organizations, moving those workloads to the cloud or leveraging existing cloud based services for a workload you used to do on-premises can save costs, and cut complexity out of your IT operational portfolio….


Intune: Protecting your data in the user’s device, not the device itself.

With the growing trend of employees bringing their own smartphones and tablets to work to access company email and other corporate data, this presents a challenge for IT to ensure that data is well protected. With Microsoft Intune, you can enroll the device into Mobile Device Management (MDM) to manage the complete device – but…


Intune: If you want email on your phone, you have to follow the rules!

Maintaining governance over where company data is stored and how it is used, is a core priority for many IT professionals. In this mobile first world, with each user on average having 3+ devices and each with company data on them, ensuring that data is well protected can be a challenge. Giving users a choice…