Video: How to remote wipe Windows Phone 7 from BPOS

When you connect your Windows Phone 7 device up to the cloud you get a whole bunch of abilities through the portal including the ability to remotely change device passwords, to locate your phone and to remote wipe your phone.  What you might not realise is that when you connect a device to an…


PDC10 for the IT Professional – the view from #ukpdc10

I love it when we put on a good show, geeks, streams, quizzes, phones and most importantly TECH!  Last night we played host to a whole bunch of people at the Microsoft Campus in Reading who all left happy (twitter says so #ukpdc10) and who all learnt some new stuff about Azure, Windows Phone 7,…


IPExpo wrap up

Things have been quiet here for a couple of days whilst we were at IPExpo and interesting conference with a tangential subject line up but one that creates great conversations.  I know the talk was great ‘cos I’m drinking lemon tea to help ease my throat…where are my herbal sweets?  We had some great conversations…


Windows Phone 7 Ads are actually really good

I do love these videos (0:23 is genius) we don’t always hit the mark with video, everything seeming too corporate and not individual enough.  I can only imagine these were inspired by the number of people I’ve seen doing stuff like this on the streets of London. Really   Season of the Witch