Announcing System Center SP1, our UK MVPs

Last night we announced general availability of System Center 2012 SP1, it’s great, expansive product that is absolutely key to delivering your Private Cloud, Managing your Public cloud and managing the consumerisaiton of IT. You can get the trail VHDs at the bottom of this post or download the installers– go give it a try….


Bring Your Own Network

Some thoughts on another form of the Bring Your Own trend that you may have missed and how to take it one step too far (although this is probably already happening).  A mobile hotspot, a strict web filter and an a social networker inadvertently crack a hole in IT policy. Last week I was doing…


Simple model for approaching BYOD

For some time I’ve been trying to work out with colleagues how to articulate what I see as a solid model for dealing with consumerisation of IT in the workplace or even allowing people to bring their own devices.  It’s quite tough to find some mental model to help people to understand the kind of…


Technology to Support Consumerisation: IPSec

A technology that’s been around for quite some time is IPSec, it helps to ensure security of communications between two network devices.  With IPSec in place two devices need to establish a peer-to-peer trust before communication can take place, it’s kind of like having a secret handshake. If your enabling an environment where people will…


Test Lab Guides for Consumerisation (BYOD etc.)

If you’re thinking about how you can make your environment more suitable for a world where people want to bring their own devices into the office then you could do well to attend an IT Camp where we talk about just that.  Of course those events are now full, so I won’t bother to link…


Embracing consumerisation: It’s all about the journey

In my last two posts I talked about People + Devices and Data + Apps – essentially 4 of the things you need to manage and probably already are in your environment.  A fourth element is the network but I won’t be going into that in particular because it’s purely a means to an end,…


Embracing Consumerisation: Data and Apps

My last post was about how, in order to embrace consumerisation, you need to start thinking in terms of managing the access that people and devices have, or more accurately the access that People on Devices have.  This post is an extension of that previous post in that we’re going to start thinking about the…


Embracing consumerisation: People and Devices

In the past I’ve written a number of articles on how to start thinking about the consumerisation of IT – if you aren’t familiar with the term hopefully this link will help.  Now I think it’s time to move beyond thinking about how you’ll build a consumerisation strategy and how your support will change and…


Why you need to know about “consumerisation” of IT

One of the biggest challenges facing the CIO at the moment is the consumerisation of IT but I’m aware that may be a term that is meaningless to most in the IT department.  Perhaps it’s better explained by the term Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) which is normally enough to send an icy shiver through…


The future of IT for MSPs

Today I presentated to a group of about a thousand managed service providers about Microsoft’s cloud and what it means for the future of IT.  I though I’d throw up this post to provide some extra resources like the deck embedded below that I used for the presentation.  I’d like to thank my friends at…