Great Reads: Infrastructure 8 October 2013

The best infrastructure reads of the past week, including Windows Azure Pack, Virtualization, Supported OSes on Hyper-V, The Azure NOC, PowerShell to gather pref data, Windows Azure for IT Pro, MDT for servers and failover clustering in Windows Server 2012 R2. The post Great Reads: Infrastructure 8 October 2013 appeared first on Devices, Services, Life:…


The Deployment Sessions-003: How to Connect Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 to Windows Intune to Enable Mobile Device Management Including Windows RT devices

System Center Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 can be connected to Windows Intune to enable mobile device management of Windows RT, Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices. This is a great solution because these types of devices expect an “always on” connection to the Internet and Windows Intune provides that “always on” management layer since it’s…


Is your organisation storing more than ever before? Dedup might be the answer.

We all want to store more information. Be it our ever growing email archive, our collection of family photos, or our customer invoices the information that we and our businesses need to store is an ever increasing volume. The amount of storage available to you or your organisation may of course not quite be able…


Me, talking cloud, in the Telegraph

A few weeks ago I was in a Telegraph supplement talking about cloud.  Here’s the online version of the article on the Telegraph (UK national newspaper) website.


Data Classification Toolkit for Windows Server 2008 R2

One of the questions I get asked constantly is about the safety of placing your data into particular environments, so I was quite pleased when I noticed that we’d released the Data Classification Toolkit for Windows Server 2008 R2 which helps you to do one of the basic tasks you’ll have to undertake.  Understanding your…


The future of IT for MSPs

Today I presentated to a group of about a thousand managed service providers about Microsoft’s cloud and what it means for the future of IT.  I though I’d throw up this post to provide some extra resources like the deck embedded below that I used for the presentation.  I’d like to thank my friends at…


A tour of Microsoft’s Datacentres

A few weeks ago now we made the following video tour of our Datacentres available for all to see on the GFS website and also on YouTube.  At the time I forgot to post it but having just happened across it I thought it worth sharing.  I constantly get asked about the size and scale…


Resources for IT Apprentices

Today I went to talk to a group of IT Apprentices at QA’s centre in Birmingham, thanks for a good day guys and especially to Lorette who organised the day.  If you aren’t sure what apprentices are then you should find out more about IT Apprenticeships, however this is probably mostly being read by the…


3 new heroes in next generation IT Departments

I’ve already highlighted how IT departments are going to change over the next few years a few times and what some people in those departments are going to be doing as their roles inevitably change but there are going to be some new roles that appear too.  These roles will start to shape how the…


How the public cloud affects your IT Department

No one can fail to see how much impact the ideas of cloud are having on our organisations and as IT Professionals the most direct impact we feel is on us, on those we work with, on our IT Department.  It doesn’t matter whether your “IT”, “IS”, “ICT”, “Information Management”, “IM” or whatever 2 or…