Great Reads: Infrastructure 8 October 2013

The best infrastructure reads of the past week, including Windows Azure Pack, Virtualization, Supported OSes on Hyper-V, The Azure NOC, PowerShell to gather pref data, Windows Azure for IT Pro, MDT for servers and failover clustering in Windows Server 2012 R2. The post Great Reads: Infrastructure 8 October 2013 appeared first on Devices, Services, Life:…


Evaluate This–Windows Server 2012 AD DS

Last time I posted about how you can use Windows Azure to setup a test lab for yourself without the need to spend anything or have any hardware lying around to play with.  In this video I show you how to take that one step further and build your first Domain Controller in your first…


Evaluate This–Windows Server 2012 on Windows Azure IaaS

If you’re looking for an easy way to start evaluating Windows Server 2012 this couldn’t really be any easier, quicker, cheaper or faster (if you have 30 mins you can do this). Windows Azure’s IaaS features make it is as simple as it could possibly be to setup a test lab without the use of…


What does the future look like

Yesterday I did a turn for a great group of CTOs associated to a variety of hedge funds.  As promised here is my deck from the day. The Future of IT View more presentations from Simon May.


Why monitor Windows Azure with System Center?

One of the questions that I often get into when talking with folks normally have a dev head on around Windows Azure is why you’d want to be able to monitor a Windows Azure application with System Center and why you wouldn’t just build a bespoke monitoring solution since you’re building an application already.  The…


A tour of Microsoft’s Datacentres

A few weeks ago now we made the following video tour of our Datacentres available for all to see on the GFS website and also on YouTube.  At the time I forgot to post it but having just happened across it I thought it worth sharing.  I constantly get asked about the size and scale…


You should connect your Active Directory to the cloud

Sound scary?  Well it’s not, but it’s critically important in spurring cloud adoption in your organisation and therefore a set of key skills for IT Professionals.  We have a technology toolset called Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS 2.0) that uses a set of secure protocols like SSL and Public Key encryption to provide Single Sign…


Mark Russinovich Inside Windows Azure

I was just thumbing around the Sysinternals site (for some handy tools for a deployment I’m doing) and happened across Mark’s PDC presentation which he re-ran at TechEd Europe last week and which I happened to be at.  It’s a fantastic way for the IT Professional to understand some of the (very) interesting back end…


PDC10 for the IT Professional – the view from #ukpdc10

I love it when we put on a good show, geeks, streams, quizzes, phones and most importantly TECH!  Last night we played host to a whole bunch of people at the Microsoft Campus in Reading who all left happy (twitter says so #ukpdc10) and who all learnt some new stuff about Azure, Windows Phone 7,…


How we (Microsoft) are using Azure for internal apps

One of things I love about working for Microsoft is that we use our own stuff, we really trust, we really deploy it, we really use it.  Not all our competitors do, you can tell because they don’t talk about it, they don’t run their own massive data centres for example.  We do and it…