Internet Explorer 9 - the most standards compliant browser on the block

I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised to read this post on el reg that highlights that IE9 is currently the most standards compliant beta browser on the block.  I’m really proud of the work the IE9 team is doing to nail the the things that were previously levelled at Internet Explorer for…


IT Pros and IE9 what should you do

There’s a lot going on with Internet Explorer at the moment with the IE9 Beta having just launched and you might be wondering what the best course of action is for your business.  Well we just published some guidance on what to do, but I’ll summarise it for you.  Roll out the Windows Optimized Desktop:…


Get to know IE9 in one minute

Ok, nine minutes but in nice one minute bite sized chunks of video loveliness.  Start here and my videos link together. IE 9 Beta overview to download the IE9 Beta

1 is an IE9 Web Application and so is Facebook (#IE9)

It seems the good folks @twitter have jumped out of the starting blocks and enhanced to take advantage of the pinning technology in IE9.  As a twitter addict (@simonster on there) I love this, genius. They aren’t the only ones Facebook have done something similar.  Be interesting to see if anyone else takes advantage…