Friday Five: Windows and Enterprise Mobility

The top 5 things in enterprise mobility this week: Privileged ID Management with Azure AD, Windows 10 as a Service, Windows 10 direct from the engineering leaders and Brad Anderson’s lunch break with Todd Bishop of Geek Wire

This week’s Friday Five is a little bit late because I’ve been travelling through time to arrive here in Auckland, New Zealand for Ignite NZ next week. That said there was still lots of awesome this week:

Feeling privileged around Azure AD: Azure AD Privileged Identity Management: Security Wizard, Alerts, Reviews

There’s an amazing amount of new stuff available in this preview of privileged Id management, even if you aren’t sure where to get started there’s a wizard that will help you out. You get deep insight into what privileged accounts are being used when and why, you’ll also have the capability to enable Azure MFA for specific use of privileged accounts (which is pretty darn cool), security alerts and reviews. There’s so many things available that you should probably schedule some time to sit down with your security people and walk through it all together!

Great Windows 10 information: Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson Windows 10 Special with Jim Alkove

Brad Anderson and I spent some time interviewing Jim Alkove, Windows Enterprise and Security engineering leader to learn more about Windows 10 and what’s in it for IT. It was a really informative chat with lots of useful info and totally worth 20 minutes of your time to get educated.

FREE training: Preparing your enterprise for Windows 10 as a Service

I’ve mentioned this a couple of times in past Friday Five’s but the Jump Start is now available on demand, it’ll take a little longer than watching the video with Jim above but we do go much deeper on Windows 10 as a service and what it’s going to mean to IT. (Hint: you need to think about deployment rings)

Wee ooo, start me up! This week was Windows 95’s 20th birthday

This one makes me feel very old, I remember standing in line for my copy of the Windows 95 upgrade CD in Leicester high street in the UK, man I was excited. So was everyone else!

Something fun: Brad Anderson’s lunch break with Todd Bishop of Geek Wire

Every week I try to find something that made me giggle and this certainly did the job…especially when Brad steps on the “gas”! Take some time out of your day and enjoy.

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