Evangelism Bag–Size S

A couple of days ago I had to head into London for content creation of a different kind, being interviewed about cloud by PC Pro and IT Pro, so it was time to break out the small Evangelism bag because I didn’t feel I needed the weight and capabilities of the Large bag.  So what’s in the small evangelism bag?  Again a deep zoom is available.

To list the contents though:

  • HP EliteBook 2540p – My work horse and general purpose laptop.  4GB RAM, i7 640 4 cores, 300gb HDD.  It does the job perfectly every task it’s thrown works well and the keyboard is very good, the track point and nipple don’t have the problems of the other EliteBook.  Shame the colour isn’t matched to the other one.
  • Amazon Kindle – Brilliant device, I use it like paper, sending documents to it to read.  It’s better than paper because I don’t loose it.
  • 3 Broadband dongle - £5 per month for 1GB and I always have access to the web.
  • USB sticks – Odd how these get given to me, I never used to have any.
  • The Bag - Is from IKEA it was really cheap but it’s actually nice, small and handy.
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