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A very nice chap just wrote to Rachel asking for help with a problem* I think a few other people must have experienced so often so I thought I’d share how to fix it.  I just hope I’ve got it right from the problem description.  When clicking a link in an application, like your email program, you get an error that says “Application not found” and Internet Explorer doesn’t kick in to handle the link.  Basically Internet Explorer isn’t known to the PC as the default browser and nor is anything else so you get the error.  It’s simple to fix:

In Windows 7

Click Start and type default programs into the search, then select Set your default programs.


Then from the list select your broswer and click Set this program as default


Next select Set program access and computer defaults, select your browser under Choose a default web browser and click OK


That should sort things out.

If you’re on XP, it’s just a little different:

  • Go to Start and select Set Program Access and Defaults
  • Then select Custom and select the down arrows to the right, select the browser you would like to use (I recommend Internet Explorer 8) and click OK

Then you should be fixed.

*people often writer to Rachel with problems, some of them are unprintable but she appreciated them all Smile

Comments (2)

  1. Rachel says:

    Just call me the IT pro agony aunt 🙂

  2. says:

    have windows XP  your solution did not  work  any suggestions

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