Arc Touch Mouse: Flat and touchy


A couple of days ago I received the beautiful Arc Touch mouse through the post from our company store.  Got to say it lives up to what it says on the tin, it’s an Arc, it’s got touch sensitivity and it’s a mouse.  Hardware does something that not all software does in my mind, it creates an instant connection and I think it’s because of the kinaesthetic relationship that only hardware provides.   The moment you touch this mouse it feels high quality.  The flexible tail feels soft and you want to stroke it a little.  The glossy buttons are almost reflective and I found myself catching the light on it.  The scrolly bit, which includes haptics (little vibrations) to provide the feedback of a wheel in a flat form factor is cool.  In fact it’s not just haptic, it makes a subtle clicking noise so I found myself holding it next to my ear.

That’s pretty good, sight, touch and sound all in the first few seconds of opening the box.

Oh yeah the box is cool too, it’s got a little magnetic lid on it.  Nice.

**At this point I’m going to point out that I didn’t smell it**

The usb nano receiver is nice and small 18mm if you check the picture below, and if holds onto the mouse with a very strong magnet.  As you’d expect there’s no software to install, super simple.  The blue track laser has worked on every surface (including glass) that I’ve tried it on.  Love it.

Here’s some photos of the little puppy to enjoy (all captured with my Sony a55 and 30mm macro lens).


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