PDC10 for the IT Professional – the view from #ukpdc10

I love it when we put on a good show, geeks, streams, quizzes, phones and most importantly TECH!  Last night we played host to a whole bunch of people at the Microsoft Campus in Reading who all left happy (twitter says so #ukpdc10) and who all learnt some new stuff about Azure, Windows Phone 7,…


For the folks at Ezeit today

Thought I’d post my slides following on from the demo fail at Ezeit and provide a link to the awesome video about Windows 7 and Office deployment with MDT.


VBUG ing out on SharePoint and Visio 2010

Tim, the rock star who runs my local VBUG chapter, is hosting a user group session to talk about SharePoint 2010 and Vision 2010.  Two products that are just designed to live well with each other.   I won’t try to rehash the event details: During the evening, you will learn about the new Features for…


IPExpo wrap up

Things have been quiet here for a couple of days whilst we were at IPExpo and interesting conference with a tangential subject line up but one that creates great conversations.  I know the talk was great ‘cos I’m drinking lemon tea to help ease my throat…where are my herbal sweets?  We had some great conversations…


Looking forward to IP Expo

I’m really looking forward to next week where I’m at IP Expo.  It’ll be my first “real” event for Microsoft, I’ll be hanging around the Windows pod in the Microsoft area so rock up and talk to me about Windows deployment or anything really.  I’ll also be doing a lab session on the first morning…


How healthy is your BPOS service

IT Professionals love knowing what’s going on with their stuff.  Be it that blinking light that shows hard disk activity on your laptop* or knowing that your SQL Server is running perfectly you need to know what’s working and what’s not.  With the cloud that becomes ever more important as you outsource the mundane management…


Wally Mead at WMUG London 1st Nov on SCOM 2007

One for all the deployment and SCOM geeks out there.  If you can’t make our Springboard Tour event at Microsoft’s campus in Reading then perhaps you can make an event in London (map, directions) with Wally Mead, Sr. Program Manager for Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager 2007 giving a presentation on ConfigMgr 2007 R3 and…


Great MDT 2010 videos

I was just helping someone internally with some deployment stuff and I came across these excellent videos by Richard Smith on MDT and doing Lite touch deployments.  We obviously have an update of the tools but the basics still apply MDT Update 1 is available here and if you want to know more about Windows…


Large Hyper-V install you say?

I went along to the excellent vBeers event in London a few nights ago – one of the downsides of Evangelism is having to drink beer, who knew?  Anyway quite a few folks there were gurus in various VMware tech and they asked me for examples of large Hyper-V users.  Here is one.  Lionel from…


PDC10 Live in Reading UK October 28th and 29th

Oh yes it’s coming!  The Professional Developers Conference 2010 is on it’s way and you can be with us Live in Reading with the Evangelism team (who all really know their stuff) to watch the action as it unfolds.  If that’s not enough we’ll have some Kinect action for you to play with too and…