A Steady State for PCs that don’t change

There are times when you don’t want things to change, things are setup just so and those pesky users keep changing things.  It could be when you need kiosk machines, say at en event or in an internet cafe or in a school classroom or lab.  In XP and Vista we had a tool called Steady Sate that made it easy to revert changes to before the users had used the PC.  Windows 7 doesn’t include this so we’ve created guidance to help use the tools at your disposal to provide a steady state, that’s group policy and other free tools.

I’m not going to go through the white paper in depth but Stephen L Rose, who’s going to be in Reading November 1st for the Springboard tour, has the low down.  Check out his post for details but if you want the whitepaper immediately it’s here.

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  1. Sami Laiho says:

    Perhaps you should try Wioski: http://www.wioski.com/

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