is an IE9 Web Application and so is Facebook (#IE9)

facebook IE9 icontwitter as a web app in IE9

It seems the good folks @twitter have jumped out of the starting blocks and enhanced to take advantage of the pinning technology in IE9.  As a twitter addict (@simonster on there) I love this, genius.

They aren’t the only ones Facebook have done something similar.  Be interesting to see if anyone else takes advantage of this functionality and more.

This is what it looks like when you take advantage of the technology. In a few lines of simple code they just turned into an app.

Go to for more or watch my series of one minute videos on Internet Explorer 9 Beta

Comments (7)

  1. Si May says:

    Strange, I just tried pinning it and it works for me.  Jumplist, icon overlays etc. all working super

  2. Si May says:

    Interesting, for me Twitter is working perfectly in IE9 and pins to the task bar well and is using the new layout.  You might want to hit F12 to check everything is running in IE9 mode

  3. TheDisneyMagic says:

    Facebook no longer works, hasn't done so for a few weeks now.

  4. saivert says:

    Facebook still has several rendering/scripting issues under IE9 (one example: the Likes button sometimes appear in the wrong place). Maybe you guys should talk less about Windows 7 integration specific features and rather focus on the web itself. I have a gut feeling that very few people care about this new jumplist for websites feature. I want the actual web sites to work properly in my browser of choice.

  5. Mentality says:

    The new Twitter layout/upgrade doesn't support IE9. I find this very odd, why would the optimise the site for IE9, and then do an upgrade that doesn't work on IE9. Also I cannot for the life of me think of any reason why it should not work. So I have no idea whos fault this actually is.

  6. me says:

    saivert is right !  happen the same to me !!!

  7. Jerome says:

    For Twitter it's a problem with divx plugins. You should disable them to see the site.

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