6 Steps to real enterprise email with BPOS

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I’m just starting to learn my way around BPOS so I thought I’d move all the mail for my domain, simon-may.com, over to it and enjoy all the benefits of real enterprise level email (like really, really good sync, calendaring, tasking and the like).  I have to say, it was a very simple setup…in fact that surprised me.  Essentially 6 steps and I have Exchange running for me with all it entails.

  1. Signup for a trial of BPOS or use a partner if you’d like to help you manage it
  2. Make a simple change to your DNS records to verify ownership of the domain
  3. Enable inbound messaging within BPOS and change your MX record with your DNS service
  4. Create a user (the trial includes 20 users with 25GB mailbox each)
  5. Sign in to Outlook Web Access (which is basically Outlook and useable wherever you are)
  6. Send a test email to kick the tires.

Done.  That is it.  The longest thing was waiting for about an hour for my DNS records to propagate.

And that’s me off of Gmail

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  1. Harry Falkenmire says:

    Only surprising thing for me in this post was that you were recruited as a Microsoft evangelist while still ON GMail! 😛

    BPOS is great. On premise is still great, too. I really hope Microsoft doesn't lose sight of 'private' cloud in its efforts to be pro-public (i consider BPOS as public as Hotmail).

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