Stuff I blogged this week

Something I want to post is a wrap up of the week for the stuff I’ve blogged – long may it continue – this includes everything from my fire hose and not just tech stuff.  This week was my 3rd week at Microsoft and I already know I’m going to like it here…they’re a good bunch.  So to the stuff…

One thing that’s helped me get to know people here is the Outlook Social Connector: Get your social updates in Outlook

PDC10 is happening in Seattle this year, getting attendees closer to the dudes who make the cool stuff

What ever you do WAIK me up before you go go if you’re looking into deployment its the starting point…sorry for the puns awsome as @marcholmes described them!

Azure in a box is some info and thoughts on why containers are cool

What am I doing here… still not too sure, but it’s fun!

Brilliant video from top race drivers on why your really need a top team behind you Lewis & Jenson, one car, no team

Walk the tube because it’s healthier and you get less black snot!

I finally have a blue badge… enough said there I think

Water Walking Ball because all evangelists must learn to walk on water and this seems like a great hack.

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