I finally have a blue badge…

Whistler_2010_orginal_square_400x400I started life as an IT Pro so long ago that I can’t even remember when I started, it was all different back then, when I needed to know something I got out the first CD and searched TechNet for some nugget using specific keywords (ntstop, and all that jazz). I loved it. TechNet had a deep impact on me professionally and starting a blog on TechNet with my own name is monumental for me.

Hi, I’m Simon May, I’m a new part of the IT Pro team in the UK – I’m an IT Pro Evangelist – to give me my full title. It’s our job to help UK IT Pros understand Microsoft’s plethora of technology and make the most of it. So what does that mean for you? Well it means that we’re here to help by introducing you to new tools and techniques and to get you testing, deploying, managing Microsoft technologies and getting the types of results you need.

Previously I’ve worked in banking, healthcare and energy, written about Windows, helped seed and inspire communities and I hope fixed hundreds of peoples PCs and worked with a few people who are reading this – drop me a line please. I’ve fixed virus outbreaks, rewired data centers, made it possible for people to shop quickly (sorry can’t tell you how) and helped doctors and nurses get the latest info on their patients before caring for them. Mostly I’ve had fun.

Okay, Okay, let’s talk about the job title, Evangelist. Lots of people have asked me about it and all I can say is it’s the coolest title and job in the world (to me). Basically it means I explain the world Microsoft to IT Pros.

I’ll be here and there, mainly here, sometimes there introducing new stuff and explaining current stuff and helping you get off the old stuff…cough…IE6…cough…XP…. But it’s not all about work.

Almost as much as I love being an IT Pro community I love our (I can say OUR now) consumer focused technology so I’ll be talking about that too probably, although I only get to see what everyone else gets to see, there’s no inside track here.

Follow me on twitter and say hi and you might as well subscribe to my main RSS feed (it’s not just tech stuff).

Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous says:

    "…It’s our job to help UK IT Pros understand Microsoft’s plethora of technology…"

    Good luck Simon, you've got your work cut out for you there 😉

  2. Peter Hollis ChampIT 2009 says:

    Welcome aboard, about time I had some company 🙂

  3. mike says:

    On the subject of porridge old chap…….

    Forget the peanut butter,wot you need is a good lashing of condensed milk!!!!

    Good luck with the new post..

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