[Orch] Slow Logon for each running policymodule on a runbook server



I`m not going to describe this issue very detailed, because it`s very hard to reproduce even if you have a lot of runbooks. Basically what you will see is that each PolicyModule.exe process running can delay the Logon process with ~1 minute if Monitor Date/Time Activity is used in each runbook.

So the more runbooks you will have that implement this activity desto higher the logon time. If you have 1 runbook server only, it will be more observable.


So if you see any reconnect issues on Orchestrator or sluggish logon, look carefully at your activities: Monitor Date/Time activity especially.

Let`s say the issue itself is more complicated (as in what happens behind the scenes), but you have some workarounds to decrease the logon time:

-increase the number of runbooks server, try to host policymodules with these activities on different servers/OS.
-use other activities insted of the Monitor Date/Time Activity - try to reduce them or implement another logic for the runbook to achieve the same functionality.
-reduce the number of GPOs on the runbook servers.


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  1. Chris McIntyre says:

    I have battled this issue for a while, and never have been able to figure out the cause. Do you know if this is an identified bug of some kind? I’ve also been having issues where PolicyModule.exe will randomly crash, wondering if it’s related to this.

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