SCOM 2012 UR2 update

Can be found here:

List of issues that are fixed:

Issue 1

This update rollup makes the stored procedure performance aggregate more robust against out-of-range values.

Issue 2

Adding multiple regular expressions (RegEx) to a group definition causes an SQL exception when the group is added or run.

Issue 3

Web applications fail when they are monitored by the System Center Operations Manager 2012 R2 APM agent.

Issue 4

Service Level Objectives (SLO) dashboards sometimes load in several seconds and sometimes take minutes to load. Additionally, the dashboard is empty after it loads in some cases.

Issue 5

Operations Manager Console crashes when you try to override the scope in the Authoring pane.

Issue 6

The System Center Operations Manager console is slow to load views if you are a member of a custom Operator role.

Issue 7

This update rollup includes a fix for the dashboard issue that was introduced in Update Rollup 1.

Issue 8

SQL Time Out Exceptions for State data (31552 events) occur when you create Data Warehouse workflows.

Issue 9

This update rollup includes a fix for the Event Data source.

Operations Manager - UNIX and Linux Monitoring (Management Pack Update)

All IBM WebSphere application servers that run on Linux or AIX computers are not automatically discovered by the Management Pack for Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) if multiple application servers are defined in a single WebSphere profile.

Known issues for this update rollup

  • After you install this update rollup package on all roles on the server that is running System Center Operations Manager 2012 R2 (except on the Gateway role), the updates do not appear in the Add or Remove Programs item in Control Panel.
  • After you install this update rollup package, the version number of the console is not changed.
  • After you install this update rollup package on a web console, you receive the following error message in Internet Explorer:
    Server Error in '/OperationsManager' Application.

    To resolve this issue, close and then restart Internet Explorer.

  • When you try to import Microsoft.SystemCenter.Visualization.Component.Library, the import fails because of missing dependencies.

    To resolve this issue, import Microsoft.SystemCenter.Visualization.Component.Library again.

Supported installation order

We recommend that you install this update rollup package by following these steps in the given order:

  1. Install the update rollup package on the following server infrastructure:
    • Management server or servers
    • Gateway servers
    • Web console server role computers
    • Operations console role computers
  2. Apply SQL scripts (see installation information).
  3. Manually import the management packs.
  4. Apply the agent update to manually installed agents, or push the installation from the Pending view in the Operations console.

                 Files updated in Operations Manager
Files that are changed File size Version
Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Presentation.Controls.dll 1,783,512 bytes 7.1.10226.1015
Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Monitoring.Components.dll 1,137,368 bytes 7.1.10226.1015
Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Presentation.Controls.dll(Silverlight) 1,645,272 bytes 7.1.10226.1015
Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Monitoring.Components.dll(Silverlight) 830,168 bytes 7.1.10226.1015
Microsoft.SystemCenter.Visualization.Component.Library.mpb 290,816 bytes --
Microsoft.SystemCenter.GTM.Tool.Widgets.dll 57,048 bytes 7.1.10226.1015
Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.DataAccessLayer.dll 2,513,608 bytes 7.5.3079.6
Microsoft.Mom.UI.Components.dll 6,159,064 bytes 7.1.10226.1015
Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.UI.ConsoleFramework.dll 2,669,784 bytes 7.1.10226.1015
HealthService.dll 2,772,664 bytes 7.1.10195.0
HealthServiceMessages.dll 1,365,176 bytes 7.1.10195.0
PerfMon.dll 2,036,920 bytes 7.1.10195.0
PerfMon64.dll 3,336,888 bytes 7.1.10195.0
PMonitor.default.config 983,048 bytes --
Monitor.xsd 76,344 bytes --
mommodules2.dll 248,504 bytes 7.1.10195.0

       Files updated for the Linux and Unix Monitoring Pack

Files that are changed File size Version
Microsoft.AIX.5.3.mpb 15,701KB 7.5.1021.1
Microsoft.AIX.6.1.mpb 15,715KB 7.5.1021.1
Microsoft.AIX.7.mpb 14,709KB 7.5.1021.1 31KB 7.5.1021.1
Microsoft.HPUX.11iv2.mpb 19,882KB 7.5.1021.1
Microsoft.HPUX.11iv3.mpb 19,785KB 7.5.1021.1 31KB 7.5.1021.1 31KB 7.5.1021.1 15KB 7.5.1021.1
Microsoft.Linux.RHEL.4.mpb 7,845KB 7.5.1021.1
Microsoft.Linux.RHEL.5.mpb 7,784KB 7.5.1021.1
Microsoft.Linux.RHEL.6.mpb 7,353KB 7.5.1021.1
Microsoft.Linux.SLES.9.mpb 3,783KB 7.5.1021.1
Microsoft.Linux.SLES.10.mpb 7,152KB 7.5.1021.1
Microsoft.Linux.SLES.11.mpb 4,684KB 7.5.1021.1 15KB 7.5.1021.1 15KB 7.5.1021.1 83KB 7.5.1021.1
Microsoft.Linux.UniversalD.1.mpb 14,056KB 7.5.1021.1
Microsoft.Linux.UniversalR.1.mpb 12,573KB 7.5.1021.1
Microsoft.Solaris.9.mpb 13,728KB 7.5.1021.1
Microsoft.Solaris.10.mpb 26,903KB 7.5.1021.1
Microsoft.Solaris.11.mpb 26,514KB 7.5.1021.1 22KB 7.5.1021.1

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