Discovery for XenApp Server (Linux) is not successful

When running discovery for xenapp servers following error would be displayed in the discovery wizard from the SCOM Console (2012 SP1 CU3):
Unexpected DiscoveryResult.ErrorData type. Please file bug report. ErrorData: Microsoft.SystemCenter.CrossPlatform.ClientLibrary.MPAbstractions.WSManUnknownErrorException
The WinRM client received an HTTP status code of 403 from the remote WS-Management service. at System.Activities.WorkflowApplication.Invoke(Activity activity, IDictionary`2 inputs, WorkflowInstanceExtensionManager extensions, TimeSpan timeout) at System.Activities.WorkflowInvoker.Invoke(Activity workflow, IDictionary`2 inputs, TimeSpan timeout, WorkflowInstanceExtensionManager extensions) at Microsoft.SystemCenter.CrossPlatform.ClientActions.DefaultDiscovery.InvokeWorkflow(IManagedObject managementActionPoint, DiscoveryTargetEndpoint criteria, IInstallableAgents installableAgents)

From the ETL Trace:

[1]8480.1108::11/15/2013-09:51:02.627 [Modules] [] [Verbose] :WsManCommon::Initialize{WsManCommon_cpp56}WsManCommon::Initialize EventId returned = -1073730173

[1]8480.1108::11/15/2013-09:51:02.627 [HealthServiceRuntime] [] [Information] :CModuleHostNative::LoadAndInitializeModule{ModuleHostNative_cpp1073}Module does not have batched input.  Status code on batched QI was 0x80004002(E_NOINTERFACE).


I enabled opsmgr logging (How to: and the only errors I get are in the SCXNameResolverProbe, during initialization :


6: 11/15/13 09:25:33 : SCXNameResolverProbe::DoProcess returns errorcode: 0

11: 11/15/13 09:25:33 : Enter SCXNameResolverProbe::GetName():

9: 11/15/13 09:25:33 : Check WSAStartup

10: 11/15/13 09:25:33 : Check WSAStartup

6: 11/15/13 09:25:33 : SCXNameResolverProbe::DoProcess returns errortext:

6: 11/15/13 09:25:33 : SCXNameResolverProbe::DoProcess returns xml:

Before troubleshooting further, try installing CU 4 SP1 with the updated Unix MPs (
After this, discovery was for me successfull. This helped my customer also with other event ids like 33333, these were also fixed.
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