DAG Network Shows Misconfigured In Exchange 2013 Server

When You Configure DAG In Exchange 2013 You Might See The DAG Network (SubNet) Shows As Misconfigured. (This Was Not The Case In Exchange 2010)


 You Could See The Same Information When You Run The Command Get-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupNetwork | FL

Even If You Have 2 NIC For Mapi & Replication Exchange 2013 DAG By Default Will Only Show One DAG Network "MapiDagNetwork"

This Happens Because Exchange 2013 Configures DAG Network Automatic And To Correct This, Administrator Has To Manually Configure DAG Network

First Thing Is To Check The NIC’s , Network Binding Should Be Correct

On The Replication Network "Register This Connection's Addresses in DNS" Should Be UnCheck

As The DAG Network Is Configured Automatic, Run The Below Command To Set It To Manually

Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup E2K13-DAG –ManualDagNetworkConfiguration:$True

Run The Below Command To Discover The DAG Network

Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup E2K13-DAG –DiscoverNetworks

Now You Should See 2 DAG Network In EAC (Exchange Admin Console) & Shell (MisConfigured Is Gone)


This Should Not Cause Any Issue However Its Better To Have DAG Networks Configured Correctly.




Comments (2)

  1. Guilherme Alves says:

    Thanks , for this post , this help a lot!

  2. Irfan says:

    This helped restore replication

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