Show me the Money! Attend the Chicagoland Sharepoint Event on May 27th.

If you’re in the Chicagoland area and interested in Sharepoint, I want you to know about this upcoming event. There will be lots of great content delivered by experienced partners as well as customers. Sign up at: 


Sharepoint Seminar – May 27th, 8:30-Noon

Now, more than ever, companies are scrutinizing investments in technology. In order to gain project approval, a well defined business case needs to be established and understood. In this seminar, you will learn how to explain the financial considerations around SharePoint that will make sense to your CFO and gain acceptance of your SharePoint initiative in 2009. You will learn proven ROI strategies for SharePoint and see real word examples of organizations who have implemented SharePoint to cut costs and realize a positive ROI.

Learn how to answer the following questions:

1. Is there a return on investment (ROI) for SharePoint?
2. How long do I need to wait until I will see a payback?
3. Where can SharePoint save my organization money?
4. What is the “low hanging fruit”?
5. How do I control the total ownership cost of SharePoint?

Featured Products

Microsoft Office InfoPath, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services

Recommended Audiences

Technology Executives, IT Managers, Business Executives, Managers, Vice Presidents, CEO, CIO, COO, CTO, CFO, Operations Managers, IT Directors, Business Managers, Solution Architects, Practice Directors, Business Owner, Controller, Business Decision Maker, Technical Decision Makers

Seminar Content Preview

SharePoint ROI in Practice:
Cut costs with document imaging using KnowledgeLake for SharePoint.

Use proven, extensible server software to transform SharePoint into a production imaging system capable of meeting high-volume needs. KnowledgeLake Imaging Server eliminates the costs and challenges of using paper documents, as well as the limitations it puts on your business processes.

SharePoint ROI in Practice:
Simplify and automate your organization’s business processes with SharePoint to “do more with less.”

Learn how a mid-market professional service firm simplified and automated their business processes to reduce costs and position themselves for growth. Stout Risius Ross (SRR) is a financial advisory firm specializing in investment banking, valuation & financial opinions, and dispute advisory & forensic services. SRR’s business goals were to Increase the prospect-to-client conversion ratio by giving individuals the ability to easily search firm-wide relevant experience, help the firm achieve a 7:1 ratio of client service staff to operations staff and reduce the firm’s exposure related to incomplete conflict checks and legal & regulatory compliance. SRR streamlined their core engagement lifecycle process and integrated their systems using Microsoft SharePoint Office SharePoint Server 2007 as the underlying foundation.

SharePoint Management Best Practices:
Strategies & tools to lower your SharePoint total cost of ownership.

Successful SharePoint deployments require effective management, vigorous protection, diligent compliance protocols, and continuous availability. As companies increasingly rely on SharePoint to store business-critical digital assets, these requirements become crucial catalysts for optimal production and minimized exposure to costly downtime and data loss. The fundamental question for every organization operating in today’s 24/7 economy is: How much will it cost to support a mission-critical SharePoint environment? Success in today’s demanding business environment requires organizations be properly equipped to maintain continuous, uninterrupted access to business-critical digital assets.