Microsoft LOVES User Groups! Want proof? Okay, we’ll give you Cash, Advertising, and Freebies for your next event.

Microsoft today announces the launch of User Group Support Services (UGSS), a website specifically built to give busy community and user group leaders what they need to help their User Groups grow and prosper.

  • Get Extra $ for Your Events!

    • Microsoft, in partnership with Culminis, INETA and PASS now offers funding for your next community-led event! Whether it’s a monthly user group meeting, a product launch event, or a code camp – whatever the format invite UGSS! You can receive up to $500 per event, once per quarter, max 2x per fiscal year.

  • Get People at Your Events!

    • We know that in order for an event to be successful, you’ve got to have people there! Add your events to our Global Events Calendar and gain publicity for your events worldwide. This calendar is synced with other community calendars such as the Community Megaphone, and calendars on INETA and Culminis organizational websites.

  • Get Great Stuff to Show!

    • We know that you are busy. You work hard, you are a dedicated community leader. Who has time to create content for each event? Take advantage of our services for your next meeting and we can provide the content! Our content library is growing… check in monthly to see what’s new!


BTW, I am now tasked with building community in a specific geography which includes all of Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana. So, if you are in one of those states, please email me as well and I’ll be happy to help in any way that I can: Email

So, check it out today at

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is cool.  What was formerly known as “Codezone”, a site for Developer user groups, resources,

  2. Kevin Remde says:

    Hey Shawn – I’m gonna link to your post here (since you beat me to it )  But you should change the sentence to "BTW, I am tasked with..", since you ARE tasked with building community.  🙂


  3. Thanks…good point, Kevin, and thanks for the link!