Connecting Your PC to the Internet Using Your Windows Mobile Phone is Easier Than You Think!

I spent a couple of weeks a while back trying to figure out how to tether my AT&T Tilt to my Windows Vista PC. I wanted to use the relatively fast unlimited data plan on my Windows MobileWindows Mobile Phone to access the internet from my PC. Well, being an IT Pro, I assumed I would need to use ActiveSync, install new drivers, update software and use Internet Connection Sharing. Alas, that was not the case. In the end, it turned out to be surprisingly, almost unbelievably easy. All I had to do was find the right application in my Windows directory on my phone, click connect, and plug it into my PC. That’s it.

So, here are the four simple steps I took to tether my Windows Mobile 6 AT&T Tilt (it might work for other versions of Windows Mobile or other devices in nearly the same way, but I can only speak to my experience):

  1. Open File Explorer (on your phone), browse to ‘My Device\Windows’
  2. Look for an application called ‘Internet Sharing’ (If the application is not there, you might need to contact your service provider for help.)
  3. Open the application and click Connect.
  4. Connect your phone to your PC with a standard USB cable. The necessary drivers will be automatically detected and installed by Windows Vista/XP/2008 and you should be online at this point. Simply open your browser to check connectivity.

Note: You must perform these steps in the order listed above. If you connect your Mobile Device to your PC prior to clicking "Connect" in the ‘Internet Sharing’ App, Windows Vista will attempt to sync, rather than connect to the internet. If this happens, just disconnect your device, and start over at step 1 above.

Note: You may need to tell your phone company that you are tethering and pay any necessary charges (usually $5 or so per month). Also, I recommend an unlimited data plan, otherwise costs could skyrocket.


Any questions, comments, or personal experiences with your device? Feel free to post them below…

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  1. shelley says:

    it didn't work. do i have to be in a wifi spot

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    Lets see

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  4. Cool says:

    Instruc with image

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    It is not working ????????????

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  8. ahsan waqar says:

    dammmmmmmmmmmmm its not working

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