New Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR) Released!

The latest version of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report is now publicly available:

The SIR is a helpful document designed to assist you in determining the current technology threat landscape, especially with regard to Microsoft software. In it you will find assessments of the current security threats, the trends on a per-threat basis, and data to help you identify where your security dollars might best be spent.Sir5Graph

In SIR’s approx. 145 pages, you will also find:

  • NEW – The threat ecosystem, narrative section
  • Security vulnerability disclosures, industry-wide and Microsoft specific
  • Vulnerability exploits, Microsoft specific
  • NEW – Browser-based exploits, Microsoft and third-party
  • Security and privacy breach reports
  • Malicious and potentially unwanted software trends
  • Focus on malware and signed code
  • NEW – specific malware and potentially unwanted software data for 15 locations worldwide (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, China, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Norway, Russia, South Africa, and the Gulf Cooperation Council)

This document is invaluable for CSO’s, Directors, and security auditors looking to assess the current security topology for the purposes of allocating budget spend over the coming year. And, actually, the short 15 pg. summary document, which is a truncated version of the larger document and can be found at the same site, is not a bad read for anyone in technology who is interested in understanding today’s risks.