An Eye Opening Look at Windows Vista

This is an interesting look at how a few folks came to change their minds about Windows Vista. I’m not going to argue that things could have gone more smoothly when Windows Vista first came out. I mean, I think we missed the boat with our OEMs and didn’t get everything 100% right with older hardware and applications, but if you would be willing to give Windows Vista another chance, you might be pleasantly surprised. And for those of you who have resisted giving Windows Vista even a first chance because of everything you’ve "heard" about it, it might be time to take a look for yourself.


When you get down to it, Windows Vista is about getting stuff done quickly – both at work and at home – so you can spend more time with the people you love. And, on the right hardware, it does exactly that. Now, I guess, these people do, too.




Oh, and, one interesting thing I noticed about the testimonials – We didn’t just show them Flip 3D (WindowsKey+Tab) over and over. There were a lot of features shown, and apparently each one impressed at least one person.


Finally, to those of you who have stepped up and tried Windows Vista, THANK YOU!

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