Issues Uninstalling VM Additions going from Virtual PC 2007 to Hyper-V

A colleague of mine, Chris Avis, had a great post on his blog recently. It’s exactly the kind of post I love, since it only takes a minute to read, but it has the potential to eliminate hours of excruciating troubleshooting. Here’s the link.

The problem:

  1. You boot a VHD in Hyper-V and install Integration Services.
  2. You realize VM additions from Virtual PC 2007 are still installed on VHD.
  3. You get lots of weird little "issues" in the virtual machine. For example…
    1. The mouse jumps around the screen
    2. Text in text boxes is not displaying properly
    3. Key strokes are repeated of their own accord
    4. Numerous other quirky problems
  4. You uninstall the Virtual PC 2007 VM additions. You reboot.
  5. You install Hyper-V IS Components again. You reboot.
  7. You drive your fist through the wall!!!
  8. You realize you can’t fix the issues by going back to Virtual PC 2007.
  9. You give up.

The solution:

  1. You read Chris Avis’ blog post on the topic and breathe a sigh of relief. (The fix is about 3/4 of the way through the post where he says to "run MSCONFIG….").
  2. You take your kids to a ball game with the 5 hours of your life Chris has just given back to you. Enjoy. 🙂
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