Flat Stanley visits the Alamo

I’m presenting two TechNet events and two Angelbeat events in Texas this week, and I’ve gotta say – the folks I’ve met have been wonderful. Generally, they’ve been friendly, forthright, and enthusiastic – not to mention saavy when it comes to technology. Another reason I’ve loved the people here: the attendees at my Fort Worth TechNet event gave me the highest evaluation score average I’ve received in quite some time (8.37/9.0)! So, in light of what a nice time I’ve been having, I decided to do something I don’t normally do on business trips; I decided to do some sight-seeing. Stanley and I at the shrine

Now, I should add there is another reason I decided to see the sights. Mark Steel, my best friend outside of St. Louis, somehow convinced his daughter that I would be a good candidate to help her with her school project. So, about a month and a half ago, I received a large manilla envelope with some rather unusual contents inside. Mark’s daughter had mailed me a crayon colored, exceptionally emaciated, boy sporting a large, disarming smile, a razor-thin but impeccably colored toothbrush and a two-dimensional tube of generic toothpaste. Yes, you guessed it: I had become the latest unwitting recipient of a Flat Stanley. Since it was truly an honor to be selected as Flat Stanley’s travel companion, I immediately set off to ensure that Stanley would have the best vacation ever! Subsequently, I have taken Flat Stanley all over the Midwest with me on my travels, and I’ll be honest with you – he might just be the best travel companion I’ve ever had. He doesn’t eat much, which would explain his incredibly gaunt profile, he never needs to stop for a bio break on long drives, and he is a spectacular listener – he never interrupts and he smiles at all my jokes.

So, seeing as we had an hour or two to spare after my Angelbeat presentation in San Antonio, I decided to brave the rush hour traffic and head downtown on IH-35. Stanley and I would spend some quality time visiting the local sights, and, in San Antonio, that can only mean one thing: The Alamo.  And, before I offend anyone, I’m sure there are plenty of other great sights in San Antonio – this just happened to be the only one I’ve ever heard of.

At the Alamo, Stanley and I learned that Texas was its own sovereign nation for a couple of years, and even had it’s own flag, with one lone star on it – which, come to think of it, might have something to do with how Texas got its state motto. Remind me to check into that. Anyway, we took lots of fun pictures, a couple of which I have included here for your viewing pleasure. We spent about an hour walking the grounds, visiting the Shrine, the Barracks, and, of course, the gift shop. Stanley opted not to buy anything, since he was flat broke. (I couldn’t resist.)

It made for a fun and relaxing day, and I felt like a kid on a field trip. Please feel free to post your comments, especially if you’ve ever had any experiences with this illustrious traveler. I am going to miss him, since I’ll be sending him back to his home in Chicago soon. But, I’m sure his best friend will be happy to have him back, and I know she’ll let me visit him from time to time. If not, I’ll be sad, but I can always think fondly on our trip to San Antonio and I’ll simply say to myself: “Remember the Alamo.”

Stanley in front of the gift shopStanley gets shot out of a cannon

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