Get $100 off a NEW TechNet Subscription!!!

I’ve got a cool opportunity for everyone. For a limited time, you can use the code at the bottom of this post to get $100 off a new TechNet subscription. This code is good even if you were a TechNet subscriber in the past and have let your subscription lapse. (Sorry, this is not valid towards renewals, which are already sold at a discounted price.)

This is the biggest discount I’ve ever seen (it comes out to nearly 30% for a TechNet Plus Direct subscription.)


TechNet Plus subscriptions, for those who are not aware, are essentially DVD’s sent monthly (for one year, at which time it can be renewed) that include just about everything a Microsoft IT Professional could want. It includes software (Windows client and Server, Office, other server products, service packs, Beta software, etc…) whitepapers, the Microsoft knowledge base, troubleshooting, fixes, and much more! Here’s a more complete list:

  • Full-version Microsoft software licensed for evaluation purposes
  • Select Microsoft beta software releases
  • Subscriber Downloads
  • Complete Microsoft Knowledge Base
  • Service packs, security updates, drivers, and utilities
  • All the Microsoft Resource Kits
  • Product facts, product overviews, and tips and techniques
  • Evaluation and reviewer’s guides
  • Microsoft Seminar Online CDs and technical training materials
  • Deployment guides, white papers, case studies, and much more

    TechNet Plus Direct Subscription standard pricing: $349

    Your price with the code: $249

    Here’s the link to purchase a subscription: 

    And, HERE’s the code: TMSAM12

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