ILM Tricks: ILM FFL Specification (part 1)

Hello Everyone!

On my last post I proposed we use Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007 with Feature Pack 1 as a Fantasy Football engine.  This post will serve as part 1 for the initial specification for the engine. Thoughts are not in any particular order.  The direct ILM implications are bolded.

-->Typical outside Fantasy Football Leagues (FFLs) have of anywhere from 8-16 Individual Teams (ITs) where a team is set up by the Fantasy Team Owner (FTO).  Since the initial rules specified in the first TechNet post that we would have a Hybrid College/Pro League and our depth of players is greater, we're going to design the league to enable leagues of up to 64 ITs.  We'll set the minimum at 2 to leave the possibility of a head-to-head league open. 

-->Units: Pro Football Player (Pro), College Football Player (CP), Fantasy League Owner (FLO), Fantasy Team Owner (FTO), Individual Team (IT), Individual Leagues (IL).  Each will have a unique identifier.  

-->A FLO must always be a FTO.  A FTO can own many ITs, but only one IT per IL.  Pros and CPs are available for each IL and can only be used once per IL on an IT. 

-->Metaverse object types will be created for Pros, CPs, FTOs, ITs and ILs. 

-->FTOs that are FLOs will have a reference attribute for the IL that that they are the FLO for. 

-->ILs will have a reference attribute listing the ITs

-->Pros and CPs positions that will be considered for league use are Quarterback (QB), Fullback/Tailback/Runningback (RB), Wide Receiver (WR), Tight End (TE), Team offensive line (OL), Kicker (K), Team Defense + Special Teams (D/ST), Interception Specialists (IS), Tackling Specialists (TS), Sack Specialists (SS), Kick Returners (KR).  None of these positions are mandatory.  Each Pro or CP will have a mandatory multi-valued attribute that identifies them as one or more of those positions.  A WR could also be a KR, for example, hence the reason for the multi-valued attribute. 

-->We will move toward near-real-time scoring, however since most of the statistics services are expensive, we will use a text format to input scoring initially.  An ILM Management Agent will be created for the CP statistics and a Management Agent will be created for Pros Statistics. 

-->Statistical fields will be represented as attributes. 

-->The engine will be built so scoring will be determined by the FLO and will be flexible to allow weights for Pro and CP statistics, if needed as well as weight toward player positions.  The weights will be applied in attribute flow. 

-->Since College schedules are not as consistent as professional schedules, this adds a complexity to the league that can be desired or undesired.  Because of this, and the Professional bye week, there will be functionality for automatic bye week adjustment where an unused player will be used in the place of a bye week player.  More difficult leagues will not utilize this capability. 


This is all I can come up with right now.  Keep the e-mails coming and we'll start building this thing out later this week or into next.

Have a good day! 




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