WSS 3.0: PSCONFIG failing

Problem: Another case of SharePoint Technologies and Configuration wizard (PSCONFIG) failing. Customer was running it via the GUI but it would fail with this message: Troubleshooting: Of course, with this error, the first thing to check are permissions. Is the customer launching PSCONFIG as a local admin and does that account have farm rights within…


Project Server 2010/SP 2010: Search Service Application in SharePoint does not crawl PWA data

Problem: My customer discovered that they could not crawl any data from task list within the PWA site collection. I verified that the PWA site collection definitely was listed as a content source within the Search Service Application. This list here: Could not be found when searched upon because it was not being crawled: Resolution:…


Project Server 2010: Cannot create new issues or risks

Problem: The first problem was that I am not very familiar with Project Server. Even though SharePoint is required for Project Server, they are different products. After migrating some Project Server 2007 sites to Project Server 2010 a few site collections had a problem in which when users would attempt to create a risk from…


SP 2010: PSCONFIG fails with missing security updates that are actually installed

Problem: Customer was trying to run SharePoint Technologies and Configuration wizard (PSCONFIG) to apply some patches to the farm. Although the binaries were already installed, PSCONFIG would fail with a message saying that the  some security patches were missing. Troubleshooting: I looked in the PSCONFIG (Upgrade) logs and saw this: ”This upgrade session has been…


SharePoint 2010: Exception occurred while submitting data into the Stager

Problem: In the ULS logs we found this error: Exception occured while submitting data into the Stager (tableName=WAQueryFeedback ): System.InvalidOperationException: The given value of type String from the data source cannot be converted to type nvarchar of the specified target column. —> System.InvalidOperationException: String or binary data would be truncated.    at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlBulkCopy.ConvertValue(Object value, _SqlMetaData metadata)    …


SharePoint 2010: Web part errors accessing external web sites

Problem: Today a string a errors appeared on web parts within a customer’s sharepoint 2010 farm such as: Error loading weather details. Unable to connect to the remote server Check weather service connection. Cannot connect to Resolution: The fact that this ‘used to work before’ and that all of these problems appeared today  was…


SharePoint 2010: No new ULS logs being generated

Problem: Customer discovered that the ULS logs had stopped generating. Within the Logs file there were files but from an old date. Troubleshooting: I looked in Event viewer and found this: Tracing Service failed to create the trace log file at location specified in SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Web Server Extensions\14.0\LogDir Error 0x0: The operation completed successfully. ….


Powershell: How to convert a ‘Single line of Text’ column to ‘Multi-line of Text’

Problem: Customer needed a way, via PowerShell to convert a column from single line of text to Multi-line of text. I first verified that the column they were trying to convert was not the default ‘Title’ column, I would not recommend touching that one. The customer had run into an issue where the Single Line…


Tough Mudder 2012

Problem: My job involves me sitting behind a computer and using my brain a lot, therefore, very little physical movement and overuse of my brain. Although I workout regularly I needed a goal to achieve in order to workout the way I used to. And I wanted to look forward to a weekend in which…


SP 2010: 500–Internal Server Error after installing Office Web Apps

Problem: Customer installed Office Web Apps, runs PSCONFIG and then sees the dreaded 500-Internal Server Error when browsing to site collections in their farm. Resolution: From past experience, I knew this must be a problem with the web.config and that it must have to do with installing Office Web Apps because everything was working fine…