Project Server 2010: In FireFox 9.0.1 and 8, when browsing to Project Center (/projects.aspx) “The Web Part requires MS Internet Explorer 7.0” message displayed


1. User browses to Project Center (/projects.aspx) using FireFox 9.0.1 and 8

2. Browser displays “The Web Part requires at least Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0”

By design, seems that the wording in the technet article:, is a little confusing. It says “the Project Server 2010 Service Pack 1 update provides support for additional web browsers to access Project Web App pages that are most frequently used by team members”.

The highlighted text is the key.
Troubleshooting steps:

1. Installed FireFox 9.0.1

2. Reproduced the error above by browsing to /projects.aspx

3. Browsed to ‘Tasks’ and was able to browse successfully.

4. Consulted with Project Server PFE and he verified the same.

5. He pointed out that a Team Member is a role in Project server that can only access certain pages using FireFox 3.6.8+ according to the technect article:,

6. The pages are:
Project Web App (PWA) main default page (default.aspx)

All pages in the "My Work" section in the Quick Launch. This includes the following:

· Tasks

· Timesheets

Issues and Risks

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