DLP queries in Ediscovery-SharePoint Online

SSN/ Credit Card/ Drivers License   SensitiveType:"Credit Card Number" OR SensitiveType:"U.S. Social Security Number (SSN)" OR SensitiveType:"U.S. Driver's License Number" Criteria you need to fulfill for the sensitive type documents to be shown in ediscovery queries.   SSN: <Entity id="a44669fe-0d48-453d-a9b1-2cc83f2cba77" patternsProximity="300" recommendedConfidence="75">       <Pattern confidenceLevel="85">         <IdMatch idRef="Func_ssn" />         <Any minMatches="1">           <Match idRef="Keyword_ssn"…


File Name is blank for Excel files on File share-SharePoint 2013

I recently worked on an issue where Excel files on File share were getting crawled just fine. However if you search on their filename you will see the result pulled up however the Filename is blank in the search result. Note: this happens for fie which have their metadata "title" with no value. i.e Within the…


Usage reports in Consuming farm not populating-SharePoint 2013

Worked an issue few months ago where we have a consuming publishing farm scenario. Usage reports have no data in them. Many thanks to Anthony for helping figure this out! On the Search farm (APC server) Sharepoint logs showed below: 03/11/2015 13:50:55.90        OWSTIMER.EXE (******:0x28E0)        0x44E4        SharePoint Server Search        Analytics        agmik        High        AnalyticsDataFilter: SPRequestUsageEntry filtered out because tenant settings could not be loaded.       …


Exchange connector for SharePoint 2013 : Error comes up when performing a full crawl: "Error while crawling LOB contents"

Few months ago worked on an issue where we were unable to crawl the Exchange Source. Crawl log showed "Error while crawling LOB contents" SP logs showed: Errorinfo is "Error caused by exception: Microsoft.BusinessData.Infrastructure.BdcException The shim execution failed unexpectedly – Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation..: System.InvalidOperationException An internal server error…


Hybrid Search:JWT token is invalid. ACS50010: Validation of Audience URI(s) failed

Hello There, Worked on an issue where duplicate Service Principal names were throwing below error: 1¾System.Net.WebException: The request was aborted: The request was canceled. —> Microsoft.SharePoint.IdentityModel.OAuth2.SPOAuth2ErrorResponseException: [invalid_client] ACS50027: JWT token is invalid. ACS50010: Validation of Audience URI(s) '00000001-0000-0000-c000-000000000000/accounts.accesscontrol.windows.net@*****'failed. No match was found with allowed audience(s) 'https://accounts.accesscontrol.windows.net/tokens/OAuth/2','00000001 JWT token is invalid shows up primarily due to…


Hybrid Search: InBound Search breaks for some users with 401

Hello Again, I worked an issue where on querying from SPO some of the users see 401. The part that could be broken here is User Rehydration. Solution In this case the user had synched the AD groups via DirSync to SPO but had not synched the groups into User Profile from AD in Onprem…


Hybrid Search: Inbound Query fails with 401

Last year I came across an issue where Inbound query was failing consistently. Issue applies to: April 2014 Cumulative Update or a later cumulative update forr SharePoint 2013 on-premises farm. When doing an Inbound Search ( i.e You search from SPO and expect to get results from SPO  and Onprem) you see the query fails…


SharePoint Online E-discovery for One Drive

  When querying for Onedrive in SharePoint E-discovery you see an error message "No exact match was found. The URL may be invalid, you don't have permission to access this location, or the location is not indexed by Search"   Reason: Most likely missing permissions.   1. Go into Tenant Administration and select User Profiles….