SharePoint Online E-discovery for One Drive


When querying for Onedrive in SharePoint E-discovery you see an error message "No exact match was found. The URL may be invalid, you don't have permission to access this location, or the location is not indexed by Search"


Reason: Most likely missing permissions.


1. Go into Tenant Administration and select User Profiles.

2.  Then select Manage User Profiles and do a search for the users OneDrive you wish to query.

3. Then hover over the name and you will see a black arrow pointing down, click on it and select Manage site collection owners and add your account to become a Site Collection Administrator.

4. Now try to run the eDiscovery query again.


Tedious if large number of users? Now we have a script 🙂



Do note at the end of the article tips on how you can undo the permission assigned and another tip on how to handle permission assignment for large number of one drives.




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