SharePoint 2010 Powering U.S. Olympic Committee Pressbox Site!

Whenever there is a large multi-day event of national or international importance the logistical challenges faced in aggregating and disseminating information, press releases and such can be a monumental undertaking. This years Winter Olympics is no exception. With multiple simultaneous events taking place in a variety of geographic locations and physical settings, with so much data being output and news and media organizations worldwide looking to have have instant access to all the event happenings how can an organization like the USOC (United States Olympic Committee) cope? Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 with a side helping of Microsoft Silverlight that's how. Microsoft and the USOC have teamed up to bring the Winter Games content and information to reporters through a redesigned press portal powered by SharePoint 2010. The news portal is called Press Box (

"But wait a second," you might be saying to yourself right about now "isn't SharePoint 2010 just beta right now?" That is correct. SharePoint 2010 is in beta but already folks like the USOC are seeing the incredible flexibility and power of SharePoint 2010 as an Internet web platform. Toss in out of the box support for mobile devices, Ajax, Silverlight, and more and you have a knockout, integrated platform for rich web delivery unlike any other. The USOC site joins other SharePoint 2010 beta sites such as the Product team's own SharePoint 2010 Internet site. (running since SharePoint 2010 beta 1) It is great to see an organization like the USOC having the foresight to leverage SharePoint 2010 in such an important, information driven role. There are a number of great articles highlighting the work done on the site and the experience of working with SharePoint 2010 to deliver a rich Internet experience.

If you and your organization are using SharePoint 2007 today internally have you started yet looking at SharePoint 2010's capability as an Internet platform? Providing a unified web application infrastructure can result in great cost savings operationally, improve time to market with a common development environment, and ease content contribution training requirements with a single way of interacting with web applications that span the Intranet, Extranet, and Internet. Check out the following articles detailing what it took to make a reality and then check out the online resources by Microsoft around SharePoint 2010.


Michael Gannotti is a Technology Specialist for the Microsoft Corporation and the author of the blog SocialMedia Talk. You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Gerald says:

    I would like to follow the Olympic’s for free.

  2. will says:

    I’m irritated at NBC for chopping the closing ceremonies.

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