Hot-Off-The-Press: Web Analytics With SharePoint Whitepaper!

That one of the Big 5 Consulting firms reported that there’s a first mover advantage when it comes to embracing Digital Marketing,  it comes as no surprise that the Web Content Management (WCM) software market has kept growing despite the economic meltdown. In fact, analysts have reported that the 2008 Digital Marketing (including advertising) spend amounted to $74B and is expected to reach $160B by 2013. Thus, you are likely one of those who have embraced the Digital Marketing wave by investing in WCM software to attract more prospects and increase customer loyalty by transforming your web presence, to reduce your cost of sale and develop new revenue streams by monetizing your products, services and content through ads or subscriptions, or yet to cut T&E by substituting in-person for virtual collaboration. But how good is that investment really? And what return on marketing investment (ROMI) are you really getting out of it?

Those questions can be addressed, in part or in full, through Web Analytics solutions and that’s precisely the goal of the following whitepaper, which explains how to address your web analytics needs with SharePoint. It is based on SharePoint 2007 because many customers are going to be leveraging that version for a bit more time, as they wait for SharePoint 2010’s global availability or depending on their internal IT roadmap. This whitepaper addresses a wide variety of customers' Web Analytics needs---whether they want to use SharePoint's Web Analytics capabilities Out-Of-The-Box, whether they have very specific needs requiring custom development on top of SharePoint (it is a platform, after all), or whether they want to leverage 3rd party Web Analytics solutions that they already possess or subscribed to. Expect to see a SharePoint 2010 equivalent of this whitepaper in the future. If you like the whitepaper, rate this post. 

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