Use PortQry to Determine Ports Listening

Working in a new server farm, it’s inevitable that you’ll have a moment where somebody (application) or something (server) is not talking to each other.  Windows Firewall, Hardware Firewalls, ISA Server, Named Instances, Non-Default ports, Load Balancing, Multiple Nics, IIS Ports, and more.  When you take all of these different points of communication failure and…


Event ID: 14148 in ISA Server – Port 8080

I was configuring ISA Server for a client, and ran into an interesting issue.  It made sense once I realized what the error was.  I was creating two rules, 1 for IP:80 and one for IP:8080.  It was the same IP, but there was an app running on 80, and another app running on 8080….


Virtual Server 2005 R2 on Vista

When you install Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 on Vista, you may not be able to login initially, and presented with an error message. HTTP Error 404.2 – Not Found Description: The page you are requesting cannot be served because of the ISAPI and CGI Restriction list settings on the Web server. To resolve this,…


Office Live Workspace

If you haven’t yet, I recommend checking out the Microsoft Office Live Workspace.  It really is a great solution for individual(s) who need to collaborate on documents (that are Microsoft centric).  Personally, it feels like a lite version of Windows SharePoint Services (WSS), but more in-line with the Office suite.    Here are some of…


Avoid Speeding Tickets in SharePoint

Last evening I drove to Asheville, NC to present at a SharePoint User Group meeting.  It’s about 2.5 hours from Charlotte (where I’m located).  On my way back to Charlotte I was heading down a mountain road enjoying the curvy road in my Mazda.  Well, I got pulled over by a State Trooper (in a…


SharePoint Article, Speaking, and News

Quick update for my 7 readers: Article I wrote an article, Discussion Board vs Blog, that was published on today:  If you haven’t ever been to this site – you should!  They have a great deal of information on that site for all levels of experience. Speaking I updated my list of SharePoint…


More Microsoft Tag Ideas

I keep thinking of new ideas!  See this post for my original ideas on Microsoft Tag  Here are some latest: Amber Alert Amber Alerts could have tags, so that individuals that are mobile could grab a tag to get a picture of what the missing child looks like, and a vehicle description. PowerPoint Presentations Have…


Microsoft Tag – Include in SharePoint and more

Microsoft recently released Microsoft Tag.   It took me a second to get my head around the concept, but immediately realized how powerful this can be. How it works: You create a tag. You put this tag on offline/online material. An individual aims a camera enabled phone at this tag. Microsoft Tag then directs that user…


Windows Vista Language Packs – Uninstall

I recently re-installed Vista Ultimate 64bit on my laptop, but unfortunately I didn’t get control of the Windows Update settings in time.  I took a break and came back to my machine rebooting and installing updates… 3 hours later I had every language pack imaginable on my machine. Ouch!  Besides the fact that I only…


12 Days of SharePoint

(to the tune of "12 days of Christmas"…) On the twelfth day of Sharing, my SharePoint sent to me Twelve master pages Eleven site collections Ten site templates Nine BI dashboards Eight blogs a-blogging Seven search keywords Six wiki pages Five content types Four different libraries Three web parts Two task lists And a lost…