Mount ISO in Windows 8

Windows 8 has a ton of great new features, but one my top 5 has to be the ability (and finally) to mount an ISO file to extract or install from.

You can do this in two ways.

1. Select the ISO file.  From the ‘Actions’ tab in the Ribbon, select the ‘Mount’ button.


2. Or… Right click on the ISO file and select ‘Mount’.


Building a Windows 8 PC just got a whole lot easier. Smile

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  1. Owen Allen says:

    This is great news.

  2. Rob Zeilinga says:

    Please can someone advise me how to specify the drive letter that this utility uses,

    I have been trying to install a large application, that uses 4 CDs, the install program asks me to install volume 2 into drive K: (say), but the WIN 8 ISO mounter always creates a NEW drive letter when it mounts the ISO


  3. Chris says:

    Rob Zeilinga have you tried unmounting the first one then mounting the other because that might work

  4. Lorenzo says:

    good news, and thanks for your information

  5. Zeke4 says:

    Very cool. You can mount and burn an ISO. Finally. It would be nice to be able to burn video files to a dvd as well.

  6. PareshGupta says:

    Please provide step-by-step instructions as to how you did this since I am an idiot, thus the need to make it idiot proof.

  7. discorax says:

    Did you get this to work. I have the Mount option, but none of my iso discs will mount 🙁

  8. daniel says:

    do you have to born it to a disk  to play games or can they run of your pc ?

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