Secure PDFs with RMS in SharePoint

I’m a big fan of utilizing Rights Management Server (RMS) integrated with SharePoint when you have documents that need policies enforced not only in SharePoint, but at the desktop as well once the documents are downloaded from SharePoint.

However, PDFs have always been a bit of a challenge, as natively these are not supported. There have been some commercial versions of software out there for some time that extend RMS functionality to PDFs in SharePoint.  Recently, a code source has been released on Code Project for a free version that is designed to work with SharePoint Server 2007 and SharePoint Server 2010.

Use at your own risk, etc… but it’s definitely worth taking a look at. by Adam Buenz.

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  1. Viveka says:

    Hi… I am using sharepoint 2010..We have number of PDF documents which are secured..that means copy protected (restriction on content copy and paste) and print protected..

    I tried installing Adobe PDF ifilter v 6 & then V9 also. But these documents are not been searched

    .The PDFs have been secure using acrobat professional XI..where in the changes allowed & Print allow is set to None. Also 'Enable copying of text, images and other content' option is unchecked.

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