SharePoint Wallpaper for Windows Phone 7

I purchased a Windows Phone 7 device this past weekend… and well it just felt empty without SharePoint Wallpaper.

Download Dark SharePoint Wallpaper

Download Light SharePoint Wallpaper

I created these two for the Samsung Focus, but I’m sure it works on others as well.  If not, someone just let me know and I’ll resize, etc.…

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  1. eordoper says:

    Great!! Just what my WPhone need!

  2. Anne O'Day says:

    Great. I just bumped my dorkiness up by one brownie point.  (Had to convert to JPG first tho, what up with that?)  Anyine want a robo-voice saying "SharePoint is the greatest thing since sliced bread" so you can use it as your ring tone?  

  3. Luis Hernandez says:

    This is great!  Most of the wallpaper I was able to find online had the logo or artwork in the middle of the screen. This logo is near the top so the date and the reminders appear unobstructed at the bottom of the screen.  And it's Sharepoint!  What more can I ask?

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