Edit the Start Menu folders in Windows 7

I don’t know about you, but the first thing I like to do on a new machine after installing all of my programs is to organize the start menu. A bunch of icons just ercks me when they can be logically organized.  For example, all of the Windows applications could go in a folder called ‘Windows’.



To do this in Windows 7, click your Start button, then type in the search box ‘shell:start menu’



That will open your User’s start menu, where you can hop in the Programs folder to create folders, move shortcuts, etc…

To adjust the menu for All Users, type in the search box: ‘shell:common start menu’

update 05.30.12: Fixed the typo...


Happy Organizing!

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  1. Chad says:

    Helpful. Thx. Make a small change to remove the space after 'shell: ' on the 'shell:common start menu'.

  2. Roseman says:

    shell: common start menu

    Should read:

    shell:common start menu

  3. John says:

    I did this and lost all my Microsoft Office Shortcuts plus a few odds and ends?

    Is there a way to get this to work without loosing anything?


  4. DMJ says:

    Just found this, thanks for the tip.

  5. deviat says:

    how can i find the right pane of the start menu folder please send it to my facebook"deviationmatter@gmail.com

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