2009 Recap

Hi there 7 readers.  I’ve been relatively quite on Twitter, and non-existent on this blog for the last month.  My apologies, but I’ve been heads down on a project and  my life has been on hold other than it.

Taking a vacation this week and some of next, so decided it was time to go ahead and write my last post for the year.  It’s definitely been an event packed year for me.  It was great to see SharePoint Saturday take off, and was even better to have been a part of that.  I know that next year I do not plan to speak as often.  It really wore me out this year, especially when it was in addition to working 50-60 hr weeks.


I’ve posted some of my presentations for the year up on SlideShare: http://www.slideshare.net/danlewisnet.  I’ve already decided that in 2010, I’m only going to have a few pre-determined topics that I’ll be speaking on.  Mainly so I’m not preparing a presentation the week before an event… :)  Those presentations will be:

  • - SharePoint 2010 Overview and What's New for SharePoint Sites
  • - Blogging with SharePoint 2010, and Extending it with the Community Kit for SharePoint
  • - Social Computing in SharePoint 2010, Blogs, Wikis, My Sites, Oh My!
  • - AD RMS and SharePoint 2010, extending SharePoint document permissions to the Desktop


This year I added the comic series to my blog.  Surprisingly to me, it was well received.  I was pretty humbled at the SharePoint Conference when I met readers of the comics and heard that some look forward to the next publish, print them out to hang in cubicles, and some even put in company newsletters. You all rock.

I have some pretty exciting features that I’ll be adding to the site next year and really looking forward to that.


Wow!  I made so many new friends this year it’s absurd.  All of you in the SharePoint community are just great.  I can only hope that next year I’ll continue to meet new people just as great.  If you took the moment to get to know me, thank you.  Hopefully you realized that I’m not as egotistical and arrogant as I may come across online (Twitter).  I won’t lie, not everything in the SharePoint community was ‘peachy’ in 2009.  I saw some things this year that I really could care less for.  But, just like highschool, I’ll just ignore the silliness and ‘do my own thang’, and I’ll continue with that in 2010.


Looking Ahead

The year 2010 is going to bring some exciting things to the SharePoint world, with the much anticipated release of SharePoint 2010, Office 2010, and Office Web Apps.  It’s definitely going to keep us on our toes and push us all to learn new things.  However, I encourage everyone to keep striving to learn SharePoint 2007 as well – it won’t be going anywhere just yet.  🙂

On a career level, I don’t know what's in store for me.  2009 kept me extremely busy, and a large growth in the practice at the company I work for.  My role will be changing, this I know.  To what capacity I’m not totally sure – but I guess that can be said for any role.

What’s Next?

I’m going to kick back and relax. It’s been a crazy hectic year, and I’m pretty tired.  So, Happy Holidays to you… see you next year… happy sharepointing.


- Dan

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