SharePoint 2010 Wallpaper

With the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) this week, Microsoft lifted the veil a tad on what is in store for SharePoint 2010.  The community is a buzz with all of the new features in store, and some are even playing with the Technical Preview.  Check out all of the SharePoint 2010 goodness at the Microsoft SharePoint site:

I’ve recently started playing with Microsoft Expression Design.  Note the word ‘play’.  I’m not a designer by any means.  Looking at the features of Expression, I decided to make myself some SharePoint 2010 Wallpaper.  Feel free to admit that you are a geek as well, and download the set here:  SharePoint 2010 Wallpaper

SharePoint 2010  SharePoint 2010 Wallpaper

SharePoint 2010  SharePoint 2010

*disclaimer: these wallpaper are not endorsed by Microsoft, and the SharePoint name and logo are the intellectual property rights of Microsoft Corporation; etc, etc, etc, please no one sue me for making wallpaper and promoting the product.

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