2009 Recap

Hi there 7 readers.  I’ve been relatively quite on Twitter, and non-existent on this blog for the last month.  My apologies, but I’ve been heads down on a project and  my life has been on hold other than it. Taking a vacation this week and some of next, so decided it was time to go…


SharePoint Comic Server Security

  I created this comic for Joel Oleson to use in his Tech Ed presentation.  Cross-Posting it here after the fact, mainly because I have been too busy to create a new comic.  🙂


Use PortQry to Determine Ports Listening

Working in a new server farm, it’s inevitable that you’ll have a moment where somebody (application) or something (server) is not talking to each other.  Windows Firewall, Hardware Firewalls, ISA Server, Named Instances, Non-Default ports, Load Balancing, Multiple Nics, IIS Ports, and more.  When you take all of these different points of communication failure and…


AD RMS Service Group in Windows Server 2008

When configuring RMS server integration with SharePoint, one of the tasks is to add specific rights to the ServerConfiguration.asmx file within the RMS cluster application itself.  It took me a while to figure this out, but the RMS Service Group was renamed in Server 2008.  I kept browsing for the group and it kept telling…


Network Card Adapters and Bindings on Windows Server 2008

Well, no wonder I couldn’t find the NIC Bindings on Windows Server 2008.  Microsoft didn’t just move it, they hid it.  If you need to edit your advanced settings for bindings of your network cards on a Server 2008 box, there are two ways to do it. Method 1 Start > Control Panel > Network…


Kill database connections to SharePoint

There will be occasions where you need to work with the databases for SharePoint in SQL Server Management Studio.  Backups, restores, etc… If you run into problems with there being existing connections to the databases preventing you from performing maintenance items, here’s a way to kill those database connections. Management > Activity Monitor > View…


Manually Register Service Connection Point for RMS

There are times when deploying ADRMS that your install account may not have the appropriate permissions within the domain to create a SCP (Service Connection Point), or during installation your URL is not ready yet. Microsoft makes available a RMS Administration Tool Kit (download link at end of post).  The current version is SP2.  This…


Files and Permissions for SharePoint 2007

Last week while troubleshooting some rights and permission issues for groups in SharePoint, I found myself on this little gem of content. It covers the installation directory, windows directory, site directories, registry settings, databases, etc… what they are for a SharePoint installation, and the appropriate permissions.  Definitely great reference resources when troubleshooting. Files and permissions…


Start Central Administration site with STSADM

Oops.  I stopped central admin.  Can’t access the site to start services… no bueno.  No worries however, because you can actually start Central Administration up via STSADM (don’t you just love this utility?) Web Service stsadm -o provisionservice -action start -servicetype Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPWebService Central Administration stsadm -o provisionservice -action start -servicetype Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPWebService -servicename WSS_Administration Be sure…