(SharePoint Blog) Go-Live

Today I launched my new blog on SharePoint at All of the pertinent posts from my old blog ( have been migrated, as well as the majority of the comments.  The only thing that didn't migrate too well was the date of the comments... but I can live with that.

As the year 2008 comes to a close, I've done some reflecting on the events of it.  To be completely honest, it wasn't that spectacular of a year due to events in my personal life.  In regards to work however, it was a fantastic year mainly due to my involvement with SharePoint.  As an IT Professional, I have done a little bit of everything but I now have found a product that I truly like to work with. 

I started blogging originally just to capture tips and troubleshooting that I couldn't always remember.  It was more of a personal technical journal than anything else.  But then the oddest thing started to happen... my blog was helping others.  The reward for the time it takes to maintain my blog typically comes for me first thing in the morning when I read my email.  I will see a comment or an email from someone that came in the wee hours of the night because my post had helped them.  And so I started blogging more, and then participating in the TechNet forums to help users out.  So many times before I had reached out to find my problems answered online, yet suddenly I'm able to help people.  That is... well, just 'cool'. 

Why the migration?  SharePoint.  My blog use to be about development for the majority, but for the last year has been more focused on SharePoint.  Therefore, it just makes sense to me to blog using the blogging feature of SharePoint.  In the future I'm going to start writing more articles on SharePoint, not just tips, news, and troubleshooting advice.  If you have any topics in particular you would like to see covered, please just let me know. 

I'm really looking forward to 2009 on a personal and professional level! So thanks for stopping in, and hopefully thank you for returning later for future posts!  If you find something useful, feel free to bookmark the site or subscribe to its RSS feed.


Happy Holidays!

- Dan Lewis

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