SharePoint Administrator dissolves Webmaster role?

I saw a general discussion on a SharePoint forum about SharePoint making the Webmaster role in organizations obsolete.  Below was my response.  I'm looking forward to hearing what the rest of the SharePoint community thinks. 

Personally, I think the title of 'webmaster' died quite some time ago.  Due exclusively to SharePoint - no.

To me the term Webmaster died because of all the new technologies that have evolved over the last 10 years.  Was SharePoint a part of those of evolving technologies - yes.   There are so many means and approaches to building an intranet/extranet/internet presence for an organization in this present day, that your typical 'webmaster' role with a small toolbox to get the job done is obsolete, along with the title.

Just doing some searches on reveals this I believe.

  • SharePoint Administrator, you'll find about 300 jobs
  • SharePoint Developer, you'll find about 650 jobs
  • Webmaster, you'll only find about 100 jobs.

As you can see SharePoint obviously has a higher demand than a Webmaster.   But, if you try to be more general and look at all the available technologies, you'll see that SharePoint is just a small piece of the pie.  

Do a search for Web Developer, you'll find over 5,000+ jobs.

Just Dan's 2 cents.  smile_nerd

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