IIS 6.0 and Flash streaming (FLV)

We recently acquired an app that streams flash - but it was not working on our web servers (Winows 2003, Standard).  It was pretty aggravating to get up and running (*Opens arms for Silverlight*).

The site has .swf files that stream a flash video (.flv).  The SWF works just fine, but the FLV won't stream.  After some poking and probing, realization set in that there wasn't a MIME type for .FLV in IIS.

1. Open IIS Manager on the server
2. Expand the Local Computer Server.
3. Examine the 'Properties' of the local server
4. Select the MIME Types tab.
5. Click the 'New' button and enter the following:
* Associated Extension box: .FLV
* MIME Type box: flv-application/octet-stream
6. Click Ok and restart IIS.

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