Clear Read Only Attributes

I was recently working on a project at work where the actual development was being outsourced.  When the 3rd Party sent their builds over for deployment - the code never worked.  The constant complaint was that there were files set to Read Only, and needed to be written to (such as config files, etc).

Yes, so this got old about the 30th time they asked for me to make sure there werent’ any files that were Read Only.  A quick little search on the Internet provided me with a link to a tool that I owe my life too now.

CROA - Clear Read-Only Attributes

I highly recommend keeping this little baby with your other Utilities.

  • Install/Uninstall support
  • Easily accessed from Window’s own context menu
  • Recurses subfolders
  • Completely free

updated link on 3.19.2006

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