Connecting SP2013 Workflow Manager to a 2nd web application.

When you set-up the SharePoint 2013 Workflow Manager, one of the last things you do is run the Register-SPWorkflowService SharePoint PowerShell command to hook it up to a Web Application.

Which is usually something like:
Register-SPWorkflowService -SPSite <URL> -WorkflowHostUri 'https://wfhost:12990' -AllowOAuthHttp


But what if you want to hook it up to a 2nd web app?

Well, run basically the same command, but add a ScopeName to the 2nd entry and also use the Force parameter.

Register-SPWorkflowService -SPSite <URL #2> -WorkflowHostUri 'https://wfhost:12990' -AllowOAuthHttp  -ScopeName  <some text here> -Force

You should be able to verify that it took by going to 'https://wfhost:12990/<scopename text used above>

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